Grassroots Girls was EXACTLY what I was looking for – a great supportive environment to learn the fundamentals of golf. What I especially liked was that you actually get to play on the course, which as a beginner, I found very intimidating, but not now! I can definitely see an improvement in my swing and will be joining again next summer. Loved it!”

~ Brooke

For the past 8 years I have taken golf lessons in the spring and never got out to play a game on a course. The grass roots girls program gave me the confidence to actually get out on a golf course and play. I now have a regular Monday golf date with a group of women in Richmond and my game is actually coming together. Thanks Holly, your program works, it’s what I needed to get me going and I’ve played golf with some amazing women over the summer!”

~ Jane

Grass Roots Girls is a brilliant way for new women golfers to get out and learn the ropes in a supportive environment. There is a fantastic mix of clinics, playing with seasoned women players, and course management tips from Holly throughout your round of golf. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to golf and feel scared to woof the ball in front of other people, this is the place to start! Holly structured this program for YOU!”

~ Still a big fan! LOL.

I first took golf lessons four years ago and ever since then I’ve been looking for something like Grass Roots Girls – and I finally got what I was looking for and a whole lot more. On a regular basis I am now playing on a great course with terrific women who are all roughly at the same level. But the biggest bonus is having Holly there, offering us weekly clinics and joining us on the course while we play. Holly has infinite patience and is able to watch us play, and then say that one thing that will help improve our game.

~ Lindsay

Grass Roots Girls is a great way to enjoy golf amongst a group of ladies that will not get impatient if you hit a bad shot. It is convivial and really enables you to improve your golf. The format is very good, but I think that what makes GRG amazing is the “instigator”, Holly Beal. Holly is a passionate and enthusiastic Golf pro with a contagious passion for Golf. She is a very skilled teacher, capable of finding multiple ways to get a point across until “you get it”. Those who have been exposed to Golf surely know how precious this is. Her energetic approach and her eagerness to see each one of us succeed in our own way makes for a very special experience.

~ Christine

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